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22 January 2012 @ 07:57 pm
This may very well be my last Hetalia FST, but i've had it laying around for a little while, and decided to get it over with.

Image used with permission from monosketch.

1. Dear Mr. Deer - Boreal Sons

Dear Mr. Deer you’ve fled from me before 

When you were just a fawn with speckled fur 

Now crosshairs and headlights flash a crimson hue 

And drip drops of terror from your eyes a-blue 

Why do you run, run, run 

From what knows you so well? 

For when you fight, fight me 

You’re fight, fighting yourself 

You shed your antlers and they fall 

To blossom more beautiful each spring 

But I need more than just a fragment of your bone 

When you have so much more to give 

2. This is The Life - Amy Macdonald

And you’re singing the song thinking this is the life

And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size

where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?

3. Depress My Hangover Sunday - Hawksley Workman

Lyrics for this song do not exist on the internet.

4. Life of Bees - David Usher

I've grown so uncomfortably numb

With the skin i've been living in

5. Margaret Aileen - Boreal Sons

You, my cartographer 

Mapped every line on these hands 

But you no longer recognize 

The shifting borders that define them 

6. Speak/Listen - David Usher

I’m not the man I used to be

We can’t get back again

7. Crystal Ball - Keane

Who is the man I see

Where I'm supposed to be?

I lost my heart, I buried it too deep

Under the iron sea


Lines ever more unclear

I'm not sure I'm even here

The more I look the more I think that I'm

Starting to disappear

Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball

Save us all, tell me life is beautiful

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Oh, crystal ball, hear my song

I'm fading out, everything I know is wrong

So put me where I belong

8. One Wing - Wilco (I always picture this song as a Germany+Prussia thing)

One wing will never fly

Neither yours nor mine

I fear we can only wave goodbye

9. Basket - Dan Mangan

I used to be so young, how did I get so old?

Download HERE

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07 August 2011 @ 07:52 pm
I am working really hard on finally finishing up that Gerita FST

I am also starting a Prussia FST. Probably a mini.

I may end up either only posting the Germancest FST on my own journal or not at all, because I think it sucks.
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 'Almost' meaning not quite love. It's my headcanon for the pairing, which revolves more around a love-for-necessity kind of thing. Mostly takes place during separation via. Berlin wall. Russia wants Prussia, Prussia is desperate and neglected and needing. They find a cold satisfaction in each other, and thus an odd agreement starts. Throughout they have these pangs of what can be considered love, and Russia falls for Prussia with the belief that he will be the one to save the Russian from himself. Prussia feels something - whether out of actual love or because he needs to or else he'll go crazy, he can't tell - and they try to make it work in an odd, odd way that only they can. With the fall of the wall (and a bit before) Prussia wakes up and tells himself that none of it is worth anything, and that falling for his captor is the worst thing he can do. He decides to leave (both literally and figuratively) the relationship before it really even starts, and Russia loses grip on something he never really had control of to begin with. It's like almost reaching something before it is pulled away.

That is the story of this FST.
Thinking of You.Collapse )
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Title: Empty [beat]
Author: Me
Characters: Canada
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: Lonely. He was Lonely. Written a while ago while I was busy suffering from depression.

...beat.Collapse )

Title: Prompts to Find my Soul parts 1&2
Author: Me
Characters: Austria
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: So I lost my inner Austria and thus decided to write short drabbles in order to find him once again. The second one is specific to the role-play he's in, and thus needs a little bit of background information in order to fully understand. Prompt 1: Fear. Prompt 2: My father is...

And Roderich Edelstien was afraid.Collapse )
30 May 2010 @ 08:23 pm
 So here we go.

Stuff as folllows.
HERPDERPCollapse )



18 March 2010 @ 06:28 pm
Title: Existential Crap
Characters: CANADA, MYSELF
Summary: Mr. Pencil crayon and I are beginning to get along.

28 February 2010 @ 10:14 pm
Second fst CB

Image by  PlatinumSponge On Deviantart. Used with Permission.

For Reasons Unknown
(Collab between apollo_pompano  and monosketch )

Tracks and Download this a way~Collapse )
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